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This perfect blend of Personalized Service with added motivation and support from a close-knit group of like-minded peers will help you achieve more than you imagined!

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The semi-private personal training program allows you to achieve the best results.
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Semi-Private training can offer so many benefits to your short and long term goals.
  • Train with groups of 2-4 individuals

    Train with up to 3 other like-minded individuals to reach your goals faster! In these groups of 2-4 individuals, receive semi-private service that has the added benefit of training with a fun group

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan and Support

    Work one-on-one with our Nutrition Technician for the entire duration of your program. Receive completely customized nutrition plans, updated regularly based on your progress. Learn how to recombine your favorite foods for best results and receive dozens of fresh recipes every single month to keep your tastebuds and mind engaged in your program!

  • Work with a group that is similar in demographic and goals!

    To Have fun with your friends AND achieve your goals, what could be better? Research has shown that peer support and motivation are key to long-term success. You must enjoy your fitness routine to stick with it!

  • Ongoing Support

    You are never alone on your journey! Your Coach will handle all elements for you -- planning, organizing and ensuring you are making progress. Overcome any obstacle or challenge with expert advice! Lean on your peers and be a supporter on their journey as well.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Erica S

I joined Evolution Athletics to become stronger, healthier & to lose weight. Due to my age, career choice and prior lifestyle, I had become stagnant, unhealthy & lazy. I realized it was a defi...

Stephanie M.

Stephanie has lost 22lbs, over 10% of body fat and inches everywhere. She has successfully maintained this for over 9 months....


4-5 months after beginning, Wayne had lost at least 40lbs by strict adherance to the sound nutrition, and committing 2x/wk to Evolution Athletics and adding other activity like walking the golf course...


Two years before joining Evolution Athletics I became quite ill .. I was no longer able to teach school ( a career i loved ). I had very little energy , nor motivation .. And found solace in comfort...

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Our Mission Is To Unleash The Potential Of Every Athlete We Encounter

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*we don't share your personal details with anyone