Evolution Athletics has impacted my life in many ways; I am healthier, close to a good body weight, I have more muscular definition, I am stronger, and I have good cholesterol levels… need I say more? Since starting at Evolution Athletics I have more energy that lasts throughout the day. I love that!!! My body has changed quite dramatically and is becoming more of what I recognize as ‘the old me’. My shoulder and arm definition has returned and I feel that I no longer have ‘old lady arms’, sorry for the term but that’s what I call them. I also have exercise stamina. A workout that used to just destroy me, can now be done with only a moderate amount of stress. At my first pretest to see where I was at, I really struggled but today I can fly through that workout and more!!! I now even have some pain free hours (hands, back, knees) which is so nice. I believe that the stronger your muscles are, the better you are able to support any other issues such as my back problems.


I started at Evolution Athletics after my friend Chantal signed me up for it. Chantal had started after her second little girl was born. I must say I didn’t know what I signed up for!! I had foot surgery on both feet a few years ago. I was on crutches and a wheel chair as I couldn’t walk for long periods of time. During my sick leave I was inactive and gained almost 30lbs. My recovery was long and painful and I was left weak. I noticed I had problems with my right shoulder and it would pop out every time I raised my arm over my head. I went to physio and they said I needed surgery on it. I had just begun to recover from my previous surgeries. I was frustrated with this news. I went to get a second opinion and her plan was to strengthen my shoulder using different exercises. The first day I started Evolution Athletics I could not raise a wooden dowel over my head, skip and do box jumps. My progress has been slow and I have physical limitations but I have seen huge improvements in my ability to survive a tough workout. I have also lost 30lbs since I started at Evolution Athletics.

I learned the hard way that exercise with healthy eating is essential!! Eating healthy makes your workout much easier and recover better. I did do the Whole Life Challenge and I learned a lot about healthy eating and that vegetables are not that bad. Being a teacher is stressful and exhausting and CrossFit has been a great way to relieve stress for me. Due to stress my body had gone into hypersensitivity and I could not eat a lot of things without feeling sick or have red welts appear on my body. I became allergic to what seemed like everything. I still have some allergies but nothing compared to what I was experiencing before. Due to CrossFit Moose Jaw, for the first time I feel like I have a good balance between healthy, mind and body. I would recommend CrossFit Moose Jaw because of the great community. I have met some great people who all encourage each other. No matter what your ability is they cheer you on! I have even had people who have finished their workout join me and finish what I have left. Lisa who is my best friend also CrossFits is an example of someone who is advanced CrossFitter and a machine but is modest about her ability. She congratulates and inspires me to improve at every work out. (There are not to many 7 month year old moms to be that can do unassisted pullups.)The coaches are the BEST!! They will meet you where you are and work with you.



Evolution Athletics has impacted my life by giving me more confidence. I find I am more confident when walking into a room of new people, when setting fitness and lifestyle goals and in the way my body looks. The community is also outstanding and has never judged. Knowing the people around you are either only concerned about what they are doing, or genuinely excited and happy for how far you’ve come, takes a big weight off my shoulders and allows me to focus on what I’m doing. It’s also contagious and you truly only start comparing yourself to how you did yesterday. Physical changes I have seen since beginning my program include being able to run 5 km easily, with no struggles in breathing or getting tired, increased barbell weights or less banded assistance in workouts, and attempting to do toes through rings and actually being successful (even though I thought for sure I couldn’t do it). Doing burpees has also become easier, even when combined with other conditioning movements.


"After having surgery on both my shoulder and back following serious accidents, I was determined to get my strength back and get back to the things I love most – riding and training horses. I attended a Bring a Friend workout and the rest is now history! To date I have lost 14 pounds and lost 4 inches from around my waist and I am most proud so far of a personal best of 21 push ups in a row. When I started at Evolution Athletics I could not do one push up. I never dreamed I would be able to do a push up again in my life. My shoulder ached constantly and I took the max of 4 Advil a day. Now I am pain free. My left shoulder now feels as strong as my right shoulder, and I have full mobility back in my shoulder. After my surgery they told me I would likely only get 80 to 90 % mobility at best. I am sleeping better, and eating better since joining the TakeDown Challenge playing tennis, riding horses, biking, going out more and feeling great about myself. I feel more confident, and I certainly look better. I feel I have added years to my life and taken 10 years of age off my face. Just look at my face and you can see the difference. I am happy again, I feel I have added many years to my life. I am I have met some wonderful people at Evolution Athletics. I love the support and encouragement that I always receive during my work outs and even after hours. I feel like I am part of a team of people always striving to better their lives. Evolution Athletics has certainly changed my life for the better."

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4-5 months after beginning, Wayne had lost at least 40lbs by strict adherance to the sound nutrition, and committing 2x/wk to Evolution Athletics and adding other activity like walking the golf course as frequently as he could. Wayne has formal training as a chef and some of his concoctions made it VERY easy to stay on track with such delicious food. We also discovered that Wayne is easily one of the most mobile clients at the gym. Sitting in bottom squat like this is NOT easy for 99% of the general population! It was great to see him gain decades of youth, returning to the former high caliber athlete he once was!


Evolution Athletics has impacted my life in so many ways. But one of the main reasons for me is my family. I am the one my Dad calls to move the old washing machine out of the house or to load the granite countertop into the truck. I’m proud of that. My parents are wonderful, vibrant people but I know that eventually they are going to reach an age where certain things are more difficult for them to do and I’ve always said that the older they get, the stronger I need to be. It’s the least I can do for them! Thanks to Evolution Athletics, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been. I’ve also learned that it’s okay to fail and that it really is necessary in order to make progress. Evolution Athletics constantly has you stepping out of your comfort zone and while my steps might not be huge, I view it all as positive.


Sam reports about 40 total pounds lost within 6 months, but likely more fat pounds than that, as he estimates 10+ pounds of muscle gained as well. He met and surpassed his original weight goal within these 6 months. Sam attended Evolution Athletics 2 times per week and made dietary shifts based solely on our nutrition recommendations. Sam is a wonderful example of consistency and accountability. He reports that he still enjoys all his favorite foods, just in moderation and consciously placed into the context of his whole day. As a client and class participant, Sam is always positive, engaging and fun. He encourages everyone else in the class, isn't afraid to try ANYTHING at all and regularly keeps us laughing. Thanks for being such a wonderful and inspiring part of Evolution Athletics Sam!

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