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Your Premium in Group Fitness experience in Moose Jaw!
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We assess our ENTIRE Group population to ensure our programming is addressing our existing clients needs and not doing what most facilities do.
  • Similar Fitness Levels

    We always ensure you are always with peers of a similar fitness and experience level as you, that instruction is geared to your level of ability, and you are as safe as possible while learning!

  • Streamed with Your Goals

    We recognize that all our members have different reasons and goals!! So our programming for each stream is reflective of your unique goals and interests.

  • Themed Classes

    This means that our programming has a purpose or theme to every single session. No matter your ability or experience, our Themed programming will help you move forward with your goals.

  • Free Entry to Future Events

    Every Evolution Athletics's Group Class member also receives 1 free entrance into the next seasonal TakeDown Challenge.

Our Results Speak For Themselves


"After having surgery on both my shoulder and back following serious accidents, I was determined to get my strength back and get back to the things I love most – riding and training horses. I attend...


I started at Evolution Athletics after my friend Chantal signed me up for it. Chantal had started after her second little girl was born. I must say I didn’t know what I signed up for!! I had foot su...


Evolution Athletics has impacted my life by giving me more confidence. I find I am more confident when walking into a room of new people, when setting fitness and lifestyle goals and in the way my bod...


Sam reports about 40 total pounds lost within 6 months, but likely more fat pounds than that, as he estimates 10+ pounds of muscle gained as well. He met and surpassed his original weight goal within...

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Our Mission Is To Unleash The Potential Of Every Athlete We Encounter

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*we don't share your personal details with anyone