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Run, Snatch, Run
as in ‘Run, Forrest, Run’

6am crew returning from their first run. Caro's first WOD back and she's leading the pack!!

Run 800m
30 Snatch (anyhow) (135/95)
Run 800m

Compare to June 29, 2011

Post loads and time to comments

Since this is a short WOD, once finished and rested a bit, try going up in weight on your snatch, many of you are still getting comfortable with loads overhead, so this is a good time to push a bit, when you are warm and have lots of reps under your belt so the movement pattern is ripe to be set.

THEN, we’ll spend a few minutes doing 2-3 sets of 5 negative pullups (jump up, s-l-o-w-l-y lower). If you have multiple standard pullups, work on muscle up transitions or handstands. Point being, no down-time, use your hour!

New Mobility WOD
Short heel chords. I was thinking of doing the upper body again this week, but this video amused me, so what the heck, lower body again. Also, lots of complaints about knee pain lately, so maybe this will help all you rusty-knee’d folks out there. Have a look at the video and come prepared for 2-4 minutes each calf every class this week. Also, take ‘K-Starr’s’ recommendation to spend 3 min daily with your ‘goat’, the mobility WOD that makes you cry.

A note about goals; color me IMPRESSED!!! Many of you arrived to class on Tuesday completely stoked about your new concrete goals, loved it!! Keep your eyes out for a new bulletin board to post those fabulous new goals to get us all involved….

And a note about accomplishments; we have some total animals emerging at CMFJ! GREAT day for deadlifts on Tuesday, PR’s popping up everywhere. Members hitting Beginner milestones of a bodyweight deadlifts, other members who have never lifted a weight before going from dowels to 85lbs DL in one month, members setting new gym records. Amazing progress!!

ARTICLE: Paleo Diet Crash Course, including history, origins — quick read!

  • Short WOD?? Wow, you really do have some total animals. 🙂

  • it’s true 🙂 especially running animals….I’m not jealous at all…..

  • Did this one Thursday the 22nd
    18:16 with 65# Back is feeling MUCH better!